ROSSAM In The Media

Maine Made Newsletter:


I am a degreed Engineer and have worked in ship building for 36 years. Over ten years ago, I worked for a barbecue catering company and developed a love for feeding groups of people with amazing smoked meats (whole hogs, brisket, pork shoulders, chicken, turkey, etc). I fed thousands of people. I had my own sauces and rubs that family and friends raved about and told me I should sell. After I left catering, I decided to give it a try. I had always wanted to own a business and I also wanted to show my sons the power of what is possible if you work hard. In fact, I named my company after my two sons, Ross and Sam (ROSSAM). I took a class put on by the University of Maine called From Recipe to Market, and that gave me the information and confidence to move forward. My business was born and with help along the way from friends and associates, I have progressed the business to where I am expanding my wholesale distribution as well as participating in craft shows.