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Is store-bought barbecue sauce not satisfying you anymore? Try our sauces from ROSSAM, LLC located in North Yarmouth & Portland, ME. We've been changing the barbecue sauce game since we opened in 2016. We believe that when it comes to cooking, the key to a meal everyone will love is flavor. That's why we've crafted our world class ROSSAM Sauces and ROSSAM Rubs.
From sweet to heat and everything in between, you're guaranteed to find a barbecue sauce you can't live without. Order online now to have our delectable wholesale sauces and rubs delivered right to your door.


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Our Sauces

When your food needs a lift, choose a ROSSAM Sauce and ROSSAM Rub. Our flavorful sauces take any meal from average to unforgettable. Try our:


  • Original, Sweet and tangy with a tiny kick
  • Habanero, our most popular sauce
  • Blueberry BBQ, sweet with no heat, made with 100% Maine blueberries
  • Mustard BBQ, perfect for mustard lovers
  • Ghost Pepper BBQ, our hottest barbecue sauce


Grunt Rub, an all-purpose rub

Chipotle Grunt Rub, which can add a little spice

Our sauces and rubs are sure to enhance any meal you're cooking. Choose your favorite by checking out the selection at your local store.

Why Choose Our Sauces And Rubs?

Long before we opened our sauce company, we'd been cooking barbecue for our friends and family for years. Now, we're proud to sell our sauces and rubs to customers all over the region. Here are a few of our accomplishments. Our sauce company competed at the 2021 American Royal World Series of BBQ Sauce Contest, the largest BBQ sauce competition in the world, and received:

  • Habanero ranked 9th in its category
    28th place for overall rating for "Best Sauce on the Planet"
  • Mustard ranked 15th in its category
    129th place for overall rating for "Best Sauce on the Planet"
  • Original ranked 17th in its category
    56th place for overall rating for "Best Sauce on the Planet"

Hungry for our world class sauces? Drop by your local store today to pick up one for yourself.